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How It Works

Our incredible network of suppliers all grow, produce or create their products locally. We make it easy to order their products online and offer options to make them available to you in as little as two days.

You Load Up Your Basket
Place your order at least two days prior to your desired delivery or pickup and we work with our amazing supplier network to bring you the freshest selection available.
Suppliers Prep Your Goods
Our suppliers oftentimes create your selections to order, which in some cases means baking or harvesting your goods the day before delivery.
We Pack and Deliver
We assemble your grocery bags, and set out to deliver them to straight to you or your desired pickup location for a convenient experience!

We source all of our products just one day before your delivery, ensuring you get the freshest, highest quality products possible.

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  • About Us

    Here at The Local Collaborative, we hold the values of community and collaboration dear. By favoring local growers and makers, TLC hopes to help grow and sustain our local community’s economy. By introducing you to local products and telling the story of how local makers and growers got started, we are hoping to strengthen the bonds of the Nashville community. And by bringing together the many talents of the many people here in Nashville who grow, make, or purchase goods on TLC, we hope that eventually we can work together to make sure that everyone in our community has access to fresh, healthy, and local goods.

    Sourced Locally

    All of our products are sourced within 100 miles of Nashville, giving you the best quality while supporting your community.

    Pickup Partners
    Pickup Locations

    Teaming up with local businesses we make it easy for you to grab your goods near your home or workplace.

    Learn more about The Local Collaborative here.

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2017 CSA Preorder Is Available!

2017 CSA Preorder Is Available!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have partnered with Fresh and Local Nashville and will be offering delivery on their amazing 2017 CSA program!

Join the CSA today and choose to have this delivered to your door each week and you’ll also enjoy free delivery for all of our other products through the season!