The Local Collaborative was founded in October 2015 after a yearlong plus collaboration between co-founders Ashley Schuering (CEO) and Steven Klein (CTO).

They met through a mutual friend  Angela Calcaterra, and upon first meeting clicked over their passion for all things food. Ashley and Steve are both avid home cooks who enjoy supporting local agriculture and love to use locally made products. At a 4th of July party, they were commiserating over how difficult it is to hit multiple markets as a working person. After discussing how awesome it would be to visit just one place and be able to choose from a plethora of locally sourced goods, the seed of TLC was planted and a partnership was formed!

Ashley came to the table with over 10 years of restaurant/service industry experience, 5 years of operations management experience and was in the midst of an MBA program at the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt that she has since graduated from. Steve brought an additional 6 years of restaurant experience, including 3 years of restaurant operations management, and a strong web development portfolio as a partner of Breakstation Creative here in Nashville.

Ashley and Steve are both transplants to Nashville – Ashley originally hails from Sacramento, CA, Steve from Mandan, ND – and both moved several times before landing here in Nashville. Both independently fell in love with the city including but in no way limited to the kind people, the entrepreneurial attitude, the bountiful soil and the emerging food scene. Ashley and Steve are now proud to call themselves Nashvillians.

What the pair hopes to achieve with The Local Collaborative is to create a collaborative network of customers and suppliers who can all help each other live healthier, lovelier and more connected lives in the Nashville community. To become a member of the TLC network and support their vision of a more connected Nashville, register here.

2017 CSA Preorder Is Available!

2017 CSA Preorder Is Available!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have partnered with Fresh and Local Nashville and will be offering delivery on their amazing 2017 CSA program!

Join the CSA today and choose to have this delivered to your door each week and you’ll also enjoy free delivery for all of our other products through the season!