Why don’t you offer fresh, cold-pressed, raw juices?

Due to FDA regulations, we are currently unable to have any part in handling raw juices. That said, we just love what The Franklin Juice Company in Franklin, TN is pressing, and they both deliver their own juices and are one of our pickup location partners! Just click the link above to place your juice order directly through them and be sure to use coupon code lovelocal to get a free surprise with your delivery, or choose The Franklin Juice Company as your pickup location and get your groceries when you get your juice fix! You can even call or order ahead to reserve your juices ahead of time to make your pickup that much faster!

Why don’t you offer locally made beer/wine/liquor on your site?

In the past, Tennessee ABC regulations have prohibited the delivery of alcohol. New legislation has passed that is allowing the delivery of alcohol after July 15, 2015. We are working hard to get a license to make TLC an even more comprehensive source for your grocery needs!

I need a specialty cut of meat for an upcoming event. How can I order one from your site?

While we anticipate that we will eventually be able to offer the same variety and flexibility as going to the butcher counter, we aren’t big enough yet!

What if I don’t live in one of your delivery areas?

While we would eventually love to be able to service all Nashville zip codes, our current delivery areas are limited. Don’t fret if you live outside the delivery areas, though! You can still order through TLC and either pick up from one of our neighborhood locations or opt for our premium delivery service, offered through Rush Bike Messenger services.

I have an awesome local product that I don’t see on your website. How can I get it?

The Local Collaborative is all about community-building!  If you know of a great local product that isn’t yet featured on our site, please send along the information to hello@thelocalcollaborative.com and we’ll be sure to check into it right away!

What if I want my products on a different day than you usually deliver to my neighborhood?

There are two options in the event that you don’t want your delivery on the day we normally deliver to your neighborhood. You can either pick-up from any of our pick-up locations on the day that you want your items, or you can pay for our “premium” delivery service, offered through a bike messenger service. Just be sure to click on the appropriate delivery or pick-up method upon check-out!

What if I miss my delivery?

Missed your delivery? Don’t fret! Call us when you get home, and if we’re still in the neighborhood, we’d be happy to attempt a re-delivery. Otherwise, you can pick-up from us the next day from that daily pick-up location! You can also opt for the premium delivery service the following day for a nominal fee if the pick-up option doesn’t work for you.

What if I don’t live in Nashville?

While TLC currently only operates out of Nashville, TN, we would love to eventually expand into other markets. Whether you’re a future customer or a future supplier in another market, shoot us an email at hello@thelocalcollaborative to let us know where you are so we can start planning on how to bring TLC to your city!

Do you ship products?

The Local Collaborative is all about local grocery delivery, and our model is based on providing the best possible service we can! While we don’t currently offer an option to ship items, shoot us an email at hello@thelocalcollaborative to let us know what you are looking for, and we will do our best to help you out.

If I sign up for your site, are you going to charge me every week/month/whatever?

No! Here at TLC, we want you to have total control over your purchases. Unlike our competitors, we do not require you to sign up for regularly scheduled delivery or subscriptions. Shop when you want for what you want to be delivered when you want it!

2017 CSA Preorder Is Available!

2017 CSA Preorder Is Available!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have partnered with Fresh and Local Nashville and will be offering delivery on their amazing 2017 CSA program!

Join the CSA today and choose to have this delivered to your door each week and you’ll also enjoy free delivery for all of our other products through the season!